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Lauren States on Cloud Computing – Pulse 2009

While I was at IBM Pulse this year, I had the chance to sit down with Lauren States who’s title describes what she does quiet well: Vice President Cloud Computing for IBM’s Software Group.

In this brief discussion, we cover several topics:

  • Pulse 2009 cloud related product and consulting announcements
  • Does Conway’s Law apply to cloud setups?
  • Mixing public and private clouds – one us it for spilling over peak workload to public clouds – use often begins with testing and QA and spreads closer to production deployments.
  • The decision process Lauren has seen companies go through around public vs. private clouds.
  • What types of applications – or “work-loads,” even – has Lauren seen running on clouds? This gets us into some interesting talk of how verticals might driving cloud use with more tailored, SaaS-delivered applications.
  • Cloud computing might drive simplification, standardization, and maybe just “good enough.”
  • Tailoring the operations vs. the user interfaces for cloud computing – a little more complex for ops people, but much simpler for users.
  • The cost savings angle – internal IBM folks used cloud technology to bring costs down 83%.

Disclosure: IBM is a client and sponsored this video.

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