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Make Your Money-driven Tweets RT'able


Make your money-driven Tweets RT'able

Since Twitter is the new Everything 2.0 for marketing (kisses!), using it for business reasons deserves some though. Of late, I’ve noticed myself doing more re-tweeting, or “RT.” RT’ing is a way to share a link with your Twitter followers, as in the screenshot above.

Hot cookies to your door in 140 characters or less

Tiff’s Treats is an Austin and Dallas hot-cookie delivery service. You know, it’s the kind of thing that grows with a base of hot-cookie loving stoners and then expands, along with the stoner’s life-style and careers into the mainstream. Everyone likes hot-cookies delivered to their door. (OK, maybe the stoners angle was just my college friends’ joke.)

A few weeks ago, Tiff’s got a Twitter account (perhaps thanks to suggestions from their Porter-Novelli friends, who are usually spot on about this kind of thing) and has been using it to deadly effectiveness. Witness:

Twitter / tiffstreats: Last weekend for 2 for 1 T ...

And they do that kind of thing frequently. I mean, genius, right?

Help me help you

Today, Tiff’s tweeted about ordering your Valentine’s Day cookies earlier. Makes sense, and as someone who’s always forgetting those things and like’s Tiff’s, I thought I’d re-tweet it. But as the screenshot at the top shows, they’d maxed out their 140 characters. This means it’s much more difficult for me to RT it, I have to go in and shorten it down so I can insert “RT @tiffstreats: ” (note the spaces) at the beginning.

This sort of thing is happening all the time with re-tweets. Now, first off “tiffs” might have been a better Twitter handle, but let’s skip over that. Really, all they need to do is type their messages as shortly as possible. Most people know what “V-Day,” is right? And, certainly, you could just type out the full “Valentine’s” just once and abbreviate it subsequent times.

Whatever the case may be, the rule of thumb here is simple: if you’re tweeting something that’s helping drive cash to you, ideally, you want people to RT it. Thus, you have to make it RT friendly by not using up all of the 140 characters.

Disclosure: Some of Porter Novelli’s clients are or have been RedMonk clients. I’ve also gotten free cookies from Tiff’s before.

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