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Get a Poken


I will be very transparent here: I’m trying a cheap gambit to get a few more subscribers to two of my podcasts: RIA Weekly and the IT Management Podcast. I love seeing those numbers go up!

If you subscribe to one or both of those podcasts, you can listen in to each episode in the coming weeks to get a chance at a free Poken. In addition to whatever pass-phrase I come up with for that episode (which I’ll need to make sure people actually listen to ’em ;>), if you’re the first person to email me after listen to an episode and you tell me you’ve suggested one of those podcasts to at least one other person, I’ll send a Poken off to you.

If you’re into subscribing to podcasts in iTunes (or wherever, you can subscribe to the RIA Weekly feed here and the IT Management Podcast feed here.

So far, these Pokens are the perfect thing to get for free: I’m not sure you’d want to spend the ~$15 on them (until they’re widely used, at least), but they’re sure fun to have and play with.

I talked with one of the Poken folks and he told me they haven’t really started their Poken spread into the State yet, so this is a nice chance for you to get in early…if that’s anything ;>

Also, if you’re into buying your own Pokens, you can use this promo discount code to get 10% off: PMH8HLFPPCXCXL2FZP9O.

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  1. Totally. It's almost a shame there's just one arm!

  2. Something about having to rip the arm off a Poken to use it sounds mighty, MIGHTY satisfying!

  3. Just letting you guys know that poken is coming out in Australia soon. This website looks like the only one selling them so far and are taking pre-orders:

    ZavierApril 1, 2009 @ 8:56 pm
  4. In Germany these poken gadgets can be bought online at

  5. You should blog about the new Poken Pulse! Looks more business like, has room for more contacts before needing to upload, and it has an integrated 2 GB USB Memory Stick.

    European customers can buy the Poken Pulse at, they also have the special designs created by Dutch artist Gaby Zwaan.

    Michel HSeptember 23, 2009 @ 6:17 am

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