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SaaS Single Sign-On with OpenSSO

I recently talked with Pat “The Knees” Patterson and Daniel “The Smoking Monkey” Raskin of Sun Microsystems. They’d applied the use of the open source single sign-on project, OpenSSO to tie together the login process between Google Apps,, other SaaS services, and the local corporate network. You just sign in once to your Windows login, and you don’t need to sign in again.

Life-cycle Management

Also key here to companies is more control over the full life-cycle of what users have access to: not only can you setup new users to have one sign in (or, “provision” them), but as needed you can remove access (“de-provision”), making sure that employees and former employees can’t muck around with things they shouldn’t.

The video comes in three parts: an interview about the service and a general discussion of Identity 2.0, followed by a demonstration, and then a bonus demo of the Java Web Start enabled packaging available for OpenSSO:

Interview – Federated SaaS/Behind-the-firewall Identity & Identity 2.0

Demo of SaaS Single sign-on

(Be sure to click the fullscreen button for a larger version if you need it.)

Installing OpenSSO quickly with Java Web Start

(Be sure to click the fullscreen button for a larger version if you need it.)

Disclosure: Sun sponsored these videos and is a client.

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  1. Bonus link – the 'Rajeev' I mention in the Java Web Start video is fellow OpenSSO architect Rajeev Angal – he has a great blog entry explaining it here –

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