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Cloud Computing and Capacity Management

The piece on cloud computing I mentioned in yesterday’s debriefing is now published over at SearchDataCenter:

Capacity management is a critical part of ensuring that your company is getting the performance and functionality it needs from computation resources. It ensures that the required IT resources are available to conduct day-to-day business and also ensures that just enough money is being spent to do so, not more, or less. As the resources available to IT evolve — cloud computing, virtualization, and other innovations — the requirements and benefits of capacity management will also change.

While the underlying constraints for capacity management change when using cloud computing, the traditional cycles of modeling, provisioning, monitoring, maintaining and modifying remain. Evaluated performance, cost and the ability of the business to profit will remain. However, more emphasis is placed on the last two steps of the cycle: maintaining the use of the cloud-based resources and modifying their use over time.

Go check out the rest if you’re curious.

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  1. Excellent observations; amen. It inspired me to expand on the topics of capacity management, capacity planning and consolidation planning in the brave new world of Clouds and IaaS infrastructures.

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