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IDEs and Training

Inside the Struts Class

Last month, I was one of the guests on a Briefings Direct episode, “Pulse Provides Novel Training and Tools Configuration Resource to Aid in Developer Education, Preparedness.”

Download it directly here or subscribe to the Briefings Direct feed to have it automatically downloaded along with other episodes.

Here’s Dana Gardner’s intro:

Today, a sponsored podcast discussion about the complexity around Java training and education. The development toolset, the plug-ins, the community are all very fast-moving targets. It’s difficult for trainers, educators — not to mention the students and budding developers themselves — to get a full grasp of what’s expected of them, and then to find resources that are up-to-date and timely.

We’re going to be discussing with some experts how better to organize Java training and education. We’re going to look at the Eclipse profiles that can be organized and coordinated using Pulse, a Genuitec-organized tools configuration network function. We’re going to learn about how organizations can organize their training, so that students can better anticipate what’s expected of them in the real world.

Disclaimer: Genuitec is a client.

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