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RIA Weekly 19 – RIA Hacker Night, Google Chrome, Silverlight in the field, Wikis as platforms

While I was away on vacation, James was good enough to record an RIA Weekly episode with SAP’s Craig Cmehil.

Download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the RIA Weekly RSS feed for automatic downloads of each episode.

James and Craig start out talking about the upcoming SAP TechEd RIA hacker night (sponsored by RedMonk, among others). They then discuss Google Chrome and Craig’s down-beat view on it, along with App Engine. James asks Craig about Silverlight uses he’s seen in the field, and then they get into talking about wikis used as development platforms. Finally, they wrap-up talking about how RIAs have been used to make applications feel more human and collaborative.

Disclosure: SAP is a client, as are Adobe and Microsoft. See the RedMonk client list for other clients mentioned.

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