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OpenNMS DevJam Interviews

The OpenNMS community had their annual DevJam this week over in Atlanta. While I wasn’t there, Tarus Balog put together a series of short remote interviews with people at there:

  • Tarus Balog – Tarus gives an overview of what’s been happening at DevJam and OpenNMS in general. Before wrapping up, I ask him how OpenNMS does product management, that is, determining what features get in.
  • Ben Reed – after discussing what Ben does with OpenNMS, we pick up the conversation about project management in OpenNMS. And we also talk of dice-nerdery.
  • Bill Ayres – wherein we discuss how Bill’s employer came to use OpenNMS.
  • Matt Brozowski – as Matt works on the architecture of OpenNMS, I drill him about OpenNMS’s, you know, architecture: the different components, how they talk with each other, and more. If you’re someone who makes IT management software, you might like this one.
  • Craig Gallen – Craig tells us about his research on telcos using open source IT management software, like OpenNMS. Check out his site for more. My voice gets crackly towards the end, sorry about that.

I’ve added these to the IT Management podcast feed as well as the general RedMonk podcast feed, so you can get ’em there auto-magically instead of downloading them manually if you prefer.

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