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RIA Weekly 18 – JaxaFX Preview SDK, FLex Gumbo SDK, OSCON, Desktop HTTP


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JavaFX Preview SDK

In this week’s episode, Ryan and I got to talk with Sun’s Josh Marinacci about the JavaFX Preview SDK release today. We went over the basics in the SDK and Josh gave us his view of the workflows and different features in the JavaFX SDK. See here for the interview and demo videos I mention in the podcast.

RIA News

After wrapping up the JavaFX portion of the show, we get on to talking about the patent mine-field of video encoding, SVG vs. FXD, the next Flex SDK version (“Gumbo”), and then my theory that we’ll eventually see desktop web servers to better work with desktop RIAs.

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Disclosure: Adobe is a client, as is Sun. See the RedMonk client list for other clients mentioned.

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  1. For the record, we have 66 state parks in Minnesota.

  2. I generally like the content of this podcast, but the number times we here "um", "you know", "sort of", "whatever" and others is so distracting that it is hard to stay focused on the content. It makes the podcast sound very amateurish.