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GroundWork Open Source Monitor 5.2 Screencast & Demo

Last week I talked with GroundWork’s Richard Trezza and David Dennis about the newly released GroundWork Open Source Monitor 5.2. As you’ll recall, I talked with David a little while ago in video form about 5.2 and GroundWork in general.

This time, we have a three part screencast of 5.2 itself, which is great because you can actually see Monitor in action. Hopefully, we can get more of these screencasts for the other products we spend a lot of time talking about here.

Below are the three parts. To see a larger version, click on the full-screen mode button.

Part 1 – Introduction, Configuring, and GroundWork Connect

In this part, we cover a brief introduction to GroundWork, go over how GroundWork pulls together the configuration for several open source frameworks, see how the online community site GroundWork Connect integrates with the product itself and inline help, and finally we start getting into creating and monitoring Nagios based services in Monitor.

Part 2 – Monitoring Devices, Discovery, and Event Management

In this part, we go through setting up default profiles and custom profiles for monitoring different devices, go over the discovery process in Monitor, and then get into the (new in 5.2) event management console.

Part 3 – Reporting and Dashboards

In this part we cover the different reporting and dashboard offerings that 5.2 has: built-in reports that ship with Monitor, BIRT integration for more advanced reporting, for example, for capacity management, and then we finish up by going over the different dashboard features available in Monitor 5.2.

Disclaimer: GroundWork Open Source sponsored this screencast.

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