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IT Management Podcast #007 – The Tivoli Framework and Shooting Down Satellites

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As with last week’s episode, I’l write a very brief summary for now and insert in a longer write-up later.

This week John and I start by talking about having the flu – I know, exciting. We very quickly move onto this episodes John’s Tales from IT Management Past with an overview of the Tivoli Framework. I start by asking John what the deal is with people having that “ask me to tell you why it sucks” twinkle in their eye when they bring the topic up. The story is much more complex than just that, as always.

We then get into an extended, vendor name-check laden, discusion of John’s recent Level 2 Cloud Provider Matrix, focusing on Mosso, Amazon, and RightScale.

I ask him about people like Bungee Labs who are working at the top, application layer of cloud computing.

Finally, we wrap up with a discussion about enterprise IT folks’ perceptions that Amazon, Google, and others are running on the Post-it Note IT Process.

As always, check out the ITManagementGuys tag in for additional IT Management things we noticed this week but may have missed talking about.

Disclaimer: IBM is a client. Check the RedMonk client list for other clients mentioned.

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