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Got Some Dopplr Stickers

Laptop Getting Full

As the above peacock’s tail shows, I finally got my hands on some Dopplr stickers. Thanks!

They wisely sent me about 5 or 6 of them. Why wise? Well, as you know, I send out RedMonk stickers and shirts now-and-then (there’s a big batch in the works for IT Management Podcast listeners and RedMonk Twitter fans). Usually, I psuedo-randomly slip in other stickers into those shipments as well. For example, I got a crap-pile of In-n-Out stickers from both the company and Kurt Brockett, so I’ve been slipping those in. The same with some stickers I got long ago.

So, yeah, this is basically me pandering – shocker! – to get more stickers from people 😉 I gotta fill that little silver space on the old laptop!

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4 Responses

  1. You're just like my daughter. She too loves stickers and like you she also loves to give them away. Except in her case she'll insist on sticking them on you (wherever she chooses) rather than mailing them.
    BTW, do you have In-n-Out in TX or is this one of the treats of your visits to CA?
    Last comment, I wonder how often you'll find a TX flag right next to a ACLU sticker…

  2. ooooooo…can i get some of the Dopplr hotness?

  3. William: no In-n-Out in Texas. It's just a CA (and potentially Las Vegas) treat 😉

    Stephen: sure thing, I'll bring some with me next week 😉

  4. Wheew. Just searched for dopplr-stickers and found your hot-powerbook. Great stuff. I like especially the bones under the apple. 🙂


    ..I also need more stickers on my book