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RIA Weeky 002 – More on Oracle & Flex, Java/Flex Stacks, ZoHo, Buzzword, and Silverlight 2.0

In this episode, Ryan and I talk with James Ward, Adobe Technical Evangelist for Flex with plenty of Java connections. Topics include: a better Oracle OpenWorld update; the Java/Flex stacks James has seen; charts and dashboards as RIA foot-holds in enterprise/business software; whatever happened to the widget-madness of the last year or so?; what’s up with ZoHo? ZoHo and Buzzword releases; and Silverlight 2.0.

Disclaimer: Adobe is a RedMonk client, as are Sun and parts of Microsoft.

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  1. What’s With Oracle and Flex?…

    [..] And now Flex seems to be making major inroads in SAP and Oracle. I wonder however if this is real strategy at work, or just an example of a good cohesive solution filling the void in the midst of AJAX-chaos? [..]…