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SAP Tech '07 – Adobe SDN RIA Hacker night

Presentation at Adobe SDN RIA Hacker night

Thanks to Craig Cmehil, I’m in the Adobe sponsored RIA night here at SAP TechEd ’07, hosted by Matthias Zeller.

There’re about 25 people here, which is a little above the cap of 20, according the Craig. There’s an open bar, pizza, presentations, and now some Wii and video game playing.

There were about 4-5 presentations — from both vendor and buyer — each on projects that layered Adobe Flex on-top of SAP back-ends. Also, there’s plenty of free Flex 2 books.

As with CommunityDay, the take away is the interest and excitement that the SAP-land developers have around RIA applications. Granted, you could claim that the group is somewhat self-selecting. One thing is clear, they’re not just here for the free beer and booze, the bar-staff has been on light duty most of the night.

Disclaimer: Adobe and SAP are clients.

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  1. I’ve got to hear more about the Adobe / SAP baby… very interesting.

  2. Scott: sure, we outta talk on it 😉