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Majority Desk – Wiimote 3D widget desktop – totally sick

While at SAP TechEd ’07 in Las Vegas, James and I had the chance to get an exciting demo from Dan McWeeney and Eddie Herrmann. Having won the SAP TechEd ’06 DemoJam, Dan and Eddie couldn’t compete this year, so they cooked up the Wiimote driven 3D desktop we see in the demo. It’s sort of like Minority Report with two Wiimotes. Built on a collection of open source project and Flex, Dan and Eddie’s Majority Desktop is quite the site to see.

As you may recall, Dan and Eddie have been on RedMonkTV before, back during SAP Sapphire ’07.

Disclaimer: SAP is a client and paid for our travel and room to SAP TechEd ’07.

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  1. I like the comments about getting the development team to work with other things to spur creativity.

  2. Mike: good 😉 I wanted it to be more than pure whiz-bang awesomeness 😉

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