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Straight out of Ottawa: Design/Developer, Teknision

While in Ottawa this week, I had the chance to chat with Teknision‘s Gabor Vida and Tony MacDonell in an empty conference room at the Ottawa Sheraton. Teknision works primarily in Flash-based technologies — Flash, Flex, and AIR — and serves as a good example of the “designer/developer” role that I’ve seen emerge over the past year as Ajax and RIA have gone mainstream.

Gabor and Tony explain what it means when they say they created “branded applications,” a concept that Teknision is well known for and and successful with. We then get into one of my favorite topics for small shops: how do you manage the ongoing relationship with clients, esp. pushy ones. On this topic, we talk about what I’d call “agile design,” or the way that agile software development ideas and practices can be applied to the design/developer process.

Check out their blog for more write-ups of the Teknision philosophy and practices.

Disclaimer: Adobe is a client.

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