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SAP TechEd Community Days: Las Vegas and Munich

James and will be hosting a track at two of the SAP TechEd Community Days, the first in Las Vegas, the second in Munich.

The idea behind these Community Days is to provide an open forum for people to present and share ideas and technologies. The RedMonk track is intended to bring in an outside perspective, along with an idea for cool new things going on. So, for example, we’ll probably talk about all the * 2.0 excitement going on and how to pull that into SAP-land and vice-versa.

As with the RedMonk Community Day at JavaOne this year, the hope is to bring the spirit of barcamps to this event: a free-flowing and fun exchanging of ideas. Put another way, it’s a chance to dork out ;>

Each event has 4 slots for presentations and talks, reserving one slot as open until the day of for people to fill on the spot. So far, we have the Las Vegas (Oct. 1st, 2007) slots filled up, but we’ll looking to fill that day of slot and, more importantly, assemble a group of people interested in talking about the intersection of SAP-land and the rest of the world.

For Munich (Oct. 16th, 2007), we have two slots filled already (our own and one by Nigel James), so now’s your chance to lock down a slot of your own.

I’ll be doing a few video preview/interviews with some of the participants that should be up in the next few weeks. Until then, check out the wikis and, hopefully we’ll see you there! 😉

Disclaimer: SAP is a customer and is paying for us to host the RedMonk track above.

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