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Busy Conference Time Coming Up…Yuh!

The Fall conference bonanza and travel season is fast approaching. Here are some events I’ll be at:

  • Lone Star Ruby Conference, Sep. 7th and 8th, Austin, TX – next weekend, just up the street from me is one of the first (if the first?) ruby conferences in Austin. So of course I’ll be going to that! Hopefully I can get some video interviews for RedMonkTV. Maybe the intro to ruby and rails workshop the night before would be a lazy/quick way for me to refresh myself as well.
  • BMC Software Analyst Event, Sep. 12th-14th, Sonoma, CA – I haven’t been to a BMC analyst event yet, so this will be fun. It’ll be nice to catch up with my old BMC friends who are there as well.
  • Eclipse Marketing Symposium, Sep. 19th, Chicago, MI – where I’ll be doing a session/talk on the do’s and don’t of developer marketing. This should be particularly fun as I was a developer most recently before joining RedMonk. All my developer peeps can angle in their own tips as well ;> (Thanks to Ian for the invite!)
  • (Tentative) Power Architecture Developer Conference, Sep. 24th and 25th, Austin, TX – I always relish the chance to go to an Austin-based conference, and this one looks like it’d be a good time.
  • SAP Community Day & TechEd, Sep. 30th – Oct. 4th – as mentioned in a previous post, RedMonk will be helping with a track during Community Day. Additionally, the kind folks at the SAP Blogger’s Corner have invited me again to participate in the rest of the conference. I have nothing but good things to say about Mike and Stacy of the Blogger’s Corner, so thanks! (I’d have liked to go to Adobe MAX, but the two of these conferences tragically conflicted, too bad MAX isn’t in Las Vegas this year ;> Thanks to all the folks who’ve checked up on my MAX attendance.)
  • InnoTech, Oct. 11th, Austin, TX – thanks to whurley, I’ll be speaking on a panel about open source, “Navigating the Open Source Community”.
  • SAP Community Day & TechEd EU, Oct. 16th-18th, Munich – we’ll be doing the RedMonk track for the euro crowd as well. And thanks again to the Blogger’s Corner for an invite to the rest of the conference.
  • IBM Annual Briefing for Software IT Analysts, Nov. 7th and 8th, Stamford, CT – IBM analyst events are always nice on the information up-take, not to mention a reason to go to the suburbs of NYC ;>

As always, I’d love to get together with people if they’re at the same events or in the vicinity ;>

Disclaimer: IBM, SAP, BMC, Eclipse, and Adobe are clients.

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5 Responses

  1. I'm surprised you aren't going to the ALT.NET conference. Its right in your backyard.

  2. Mike: thanks for the pointer! I was actually telling someone yesterday that I have a really hard time tracking down all the conferences in Austin, so I appreciate them being pointed out. is great , but they seem to miss quite a lot of Austin events.

  3. The LSRC isn’t quite the first in Austin. The International Ruby Conference was held in Austin in 2003. So much has changed since then though. This one should be fun.

  4. I'll be at the LSRC as well – hope to see you there!

  5. I see you are on the list of ALT.NET attendees now. Glad you were able to get in. I look forward to meeting you in person.