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MonkCast #6: Mainframes, Virtualization, OS X, and YouTube, H.264, and Apple

Early this morning David Berlind and I recorded this week’s MonkCast. He’s got what sounds like aims for the ideal virtualized desktop setup with just a few hiccups along the way. The meaty news item we discuss at length is Microsoft’s reversal on allowing it’s “lower end” versions of Windows to be virtualized. We spin up the optimistic, the conspiracy theory, and the pragmatic possible reasons why. We end up figuring out that I’m a curmudgeon when it comes to watching video on cellphones, but very much so want to trash my cable/satalite in favor of TV of the ‘net. And then I get schooled on how silly it is to film in HD when you’re publishing to the ‘net (thanks ;>).

You can play the episode off the entry on David’s blog or or download the MP3 directly.

Disclaimer: Microsoft is a client, as is IBM also mentioned in the podcast.

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