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Eclipse Equinox: OSGi Moving to the Server-side

This week, one of our RedMonkTV episodes is an interesting screencast of Eclipse Equinox, one of the core frameworks in Eclipse. The Flash include above is quite small for detailed viewing, so check out the larger sized video as well. Equinox is Eclipse’s OSGi framework, and as the topic of Java modularity has quickly become one of my ongoing Java interests, it was great to talk with Jeff McAffer and see what Eclipse had to offer.

As with Eclipse Europa in general, the subtle but big shift here is watching Eclipse expand it’s platform from the desktop and move into the server side.

I have 4 more screencasts about several projects in the Eclipse Europa release that I’ll be releasing over the next few weeks: BIRT, DTP, Mylyn (formally Mylar), and EMF. Eclipse was kind enough to sponsor these screencasts, and each participant was very giving of their time.

Disclaimer: Eclipse is a client and, as mentioned, is sponsoring the Europa screencast series.

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