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MindManager 7 Now Out

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As most of you know, I’m a big fan and user of MindManager Mac from MindJet. I often turn in walking advertisement at conferences when people peer over my shoulder and ask what I’m using; the same has been true in flikr and on the blog here. I’m actually happy to evangelism for them because (a.) I like the product so much, and, (b.) they’ve given me two free copies. I participated in their beta program for the just released version, MindManager 7 Mac, and I’m happy to say that they’ve addressed the pricing problem that I always caveat any discussion of MindManager with.

There are actually 3 price levels now, if I’m reading the store listings correctly: $99 for a “Lite” version, $129 for the OS X version (upgrades are $69) which is $100 less than the previous version(!), and $349 for the “Pro” (Windows only) version.

While $350 is still a hefty sum to pay for software, even if there’s some snazy ROI/productivty proof you can apply, $129 is something I’d actually be begrudgingly OK with paying out of my own pocket.

Thankfully, for participating in the “early look” program for MindManager 7 I’m getting a free upgrade to the free version of MindManager 6 I have. Clearly, they’ve won me as a (non-paying) customer and I’m happy to continue co-marketing for them.

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