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People Are Crazy for the Mind Maps


As a note to the kind folks at MindJet who gave me a free copy of MindManager OS X, let me say: it’s working for you (and me, of course). About 5 people this week asked me what software I was using or used to created my mind maps and, of course, I told them: MindManager from MindJet. The most suprsing was a guy sitting behind me who just leaned over and said, “hey, what is that? It looks like a great way to take notes!” After I told him, and we talked a little bit about it, he said, “what was it again? I’m going to write that down,” which he did.


Disclaimer: As I noted, I got a copy of MindManager for free.

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  1. You want me to download a PDF to watch an ad?

  2. Hey Cote,
    Great to hear you connected with MindManager. My partner, Jason Womack ( first introduced me to the windows version about a year ago. The brainstorm web visual syncs up with his thought process as it does with mine. The convert map to outline feature provides a wonderful compromise for the folks who need the line by line linear development. Thanks for sharing. What was the name of that guy who sent alogn the free OSX copy?

  3. user: that comment looks like spam, but maybe not? If it is a real commnet: the answer is "no," at least with my understanding of what my desires for the world are. Perhaps you know otherwise.
    Joe: my understanding is that the Windows version is more feature rich. Someone lese was telling me that Apple funded the creation of the OS X version, but that was anecdote. "Funded" by promising to buy several licenses I guess. One of the PR people sent it to me.

  4. Cote, thanks for that nice mindmap of SAP conf.
    I myself use mindmanager (mostly to organize information), and i must admit, that almost everybody asks me "what is that nice piece of software? What is it for?" And i tell them about mindmaps. And they start to explore it themselves. So, i think, this is what people call "viral marketing"