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As Raven Twittered earlier this afternoon, BMC is finally announcing that they’ve hired whurley as their “chief architect of Open Source Strategy”. I’m excited to see BMC taking the step of formalizing their involvement in open source and, hopefully, throwing some gas on the embers that are currently there.

I know whurley is up to the task: like the open source world itself, the man has no end of energy and drive. whurley also brings a rich set of connections into the open source world that — in my experience at least — has been lacking in a formal way at BMC. My hope is that BMC will give him the room and permission to “make it happen,” and hiring him is certainly a signal in the right direction.

So, all around, it’s exciting news.

I’m not sure what “BMC + open source” will look like in the short or long term. I’ve informally told folks at BMC that I’d open source the RSM (the “agentless agent” that performances the low-level monitoring in BMC Performance Manager) and/or the PATROL agent.

Check out this podcast for more info from BMC and whurley. It has his fun Opensville analogy.

Disclaimer: BMC is a client, I used to work there, and whurley is a friend.

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