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RedMonk Radio Episode 36 – Ajax Middleware, Mute Buttons, and Personal Agile

In this episode, Anne and Coté talk about: Nexaweb, AJAX and middleware, The Culture of Interrupting, When Work Has No End, Mute Buttons, and Personal Agile.

Happy holidays, everyone, and have a good new year!

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  1. […] Personal agile/Enterprise getting things done. In 2007, if big and little companies don’t start thinking about how to capture the excitement that GTD creates, they are missing an important trend. People want to be productive, they want to get things done. GTD is the flip side of Agile: focus on the very next thing you need to do, don’t get distracted by minutiae or the future or the nice-to-have. I’d like to talk about how big companies can join the GTD parade and how Agile can translate into personal productivity. Cote’ and I already started talking about that on RedMonk Radio. […]

  2. […] By seeming coincidence I’ve encountered the concept of “Ajax middleware” three times this week, and once back in December when James and I talked with Nexaweb. […]