I Have Squandered My Days With Plans of Many Things

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twilight time

And so I didn’t make it to the West Quoddy Head Light, finally, as originally planned. Nor did I accomplish more than a few other more mundane objectives during my two plus week sojourn.

But I did manage to have fun not doing the above. Also, not doing work of any kind.

Herewith, then, “What I Did On My Summer Vacation.”

  • While I wasn’t technically on vacation yet, my visits to New York City and San Francisco the weekend of the 16th had their relaxing moments. Not, obviously, the airport time – that was miserable, as usual. But meeting Paul Ford (probably my favorite blogger going), attending my brother’s belated bday shindig, and lunch with Kellan, Joe and the New York Times crew made the ME==>BOS==>NYC==>SF==>BOS==>CAPE==>ME agenda worth it.


  • Speaking of the Cape, that trip, as discussed, was surprisingly interesting. While I’m disinclined to attend morning activities of any type – and those involving shellfish in particular – the trip to the Wellfleet oyster farms was the highlight of the visit.

    Not least because my usual weather luck held, and a storm rolled in just as we would have been putting in down in Truro.

  • The morning after I returned to Maine from Wellfleet – and Boston, New York and San Francisco, for that matter – I was reminded that I’m no longer 22. Everything hurt; my skeleton had turned to glass overnight. As a somewhat related aside, I somehow convinced myself that it would be ok to apply sandpaper to my feet. I highly recommend you do not try and convince yourself of same.

    Anyway, the original, more ambitious agenda involving trips, books and construction was rolled back to the more manageable 10 AM wakeup/12 PM boat/4 PM nap/7 PM ballgame schedule. Which served its purpose admirably, I’m happy to report. Couple days of this and I was mobile once more.

  • During this same stretch of time, I was forced by an unfortunate turn of events to handle the rental of my Denver apartment on my own, as my realtor apparently decided that she had better things to do. Fortunately, the situation was salvaged thanks to the efforts of Corey Gilmore and Andrew Todd. Without them, I’d be out considerable money and more considerable time.

    Meaning that when I return to Denver, drinks are going to be on me for a while.

  • The good news was that that unpleasantness was more than offset by the availability of Barritts Bermuda Ginger Beer; the most difficult to find ingredient (of two) for the incomparable Dark ‘N Stormy.

    Good times, indeed.

  • To prepare for Tuesday’s visit to Acadia National Park – planned and booked on the Sunday prior, if you’re curious as to how poor the tourist season has been for Maine this summer – Merrymeeting Bay was visited via the Kennebec. Lunch and swimming off Sturgeon Island was not exactly a chore thanks to the venue and the weather. Just ask the lucky kids in this shot (you’ll need to view it large).
  • And then to Acadia. Pictures, for the interested, are here, but I didn’t take many. I got enough last year.

    As it was this year, last year, and likely every year, Acadia was breathtaking, in both its scenery and its crowds. Still, it was predictably satisfying and worth every penny (the gas for the three hour ride cost far more than the park pass).

  • On the way back to Georgetown from the hinterlands, it was necessary to stop at the Penobscot bridge. For $10, you get these views. Although hopefully you have a polarizing filter that eliminates the unseemly glare.
  • Once home, I purchased – on the very first day of its availability – a brand spanking new Lenovo X301. For the first time in nearly four years, I’ll have a new laptop that I – or rather RedMonk – owns. The loaners are great and hugely appreciated, but it’s like renting versus buying: you don’t settle in, because you know you’re just going to move eventually.
  • After one night back at the compound here in Georgetown, it was back on the road. This time, to real Portland, to take in the requisite meal at Street and Company, as well as Peak’s Island and a Seadogs game at Hadlock.
  • In between, I managed to address a two year old boat issue: the GPS power cable. Finally quitting on us this season, with some time on my hands I first ripped out the corroded and destroyed cable, and then replaced it with the kind assistance of too many Twitterers to mention here. After three months without, I finally had (and have) both GPS and depth. At the cost of a $20 cable and marine caulk all over my hands.
  • And speaking of kind Twitterers, the plans for Sunday – yesterday – were utterly and thanfully derailed by the following direct message I received three days ago:

    want two tickets to Sunday’s game?

    My prompt reply – “yes please” – sealed the deal, and there we were yesterday at Fenway.

    For a loss, yes, but a day at Fenway is never a loss in the larger sense of that word.

  • Today, the grand ambition was to get out on the boat one last time. Which was accomplished, in spite of a 15 knot wind that dragged the boat and anchor some 600 yards before the latter caught, swinging the boat around.

Did I accomplish everything I wished to? No. I indeed squandered my days with plans of many things.

But a few of those things turned out well. Very well indeed.

Now, it’s time to get back to work.

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