The Remaindered Week

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Bases Juiced

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Had hoped to have the Salesforce.com wrap up for you this afternoon, but work keeps getting in the way. That, and I’m using Salesforce.com to try and make a larger point, which is taking longer than I’d expected. But I’ll try and polish it off tomorrow on the train. What train? The train that’s taking me home. Home of a sort, anyway. So, where I’ll be the remainder of the week.


Catching the 8 AM Downeaster (brutal) out of Portland to Boston’s North Station. Apart from lunch with a friend whose baby was due a week back, which should be interesting, I’ll be roaming the streets of Boston so lock up your valuables.

For the evening, ah, well, the evening. If the fates are kind, I’ll be seeing my boys beat up on some Oakland pitching en route to shaving another game off the magic number beyond which lies an AL East title. If the fates are unkind, I’ll merely be at Fenway. I like that as a worst case scenario.


At some positively unholy hour I’ll be up and over to Logan, where I’ll catch a flight over to SFO. Yes, again. After an afternoon client visit, I’ll be adjourning to my evening residence – as yet TBD. Signs point to something in San Francisco, but will keep everyone posted. James and I are likely to catch up for a rare RedMonk face to face, so if you’re in the area feel free to come witness this unusual event.


James and I will be heading down the valley…again, venue TBD…for a day on site with a client. After that, we’re going to try to catch up with a prospective client, and at some point I’ll head back over to SFO to begin the return trip home. Because I heart red eyes.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I have travelled every week this month, and yes I am racking up the miles. If only I could use them…


  1. My son has a complete set of postseason tickets for the Mets. I’m hoping that all goes well and I wll get to join him for some of the games.

    I know the Sox will make the playoffs, and hope you can find a way to Fenway to cheer them on during the playoffs.

    “Ninety feet between home and first base may be the closest man has ever come to perfection,” Red Smith.


  2. Made it to the game on Tuesday — not a bad game for my first trip to Fenway in entirely too long.

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