Travel Schedule: Week of April 2nd

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Apologies for the lack of regular posts last week; the combination of travel and personal distractions proved more problematic than originally anticipated, so it’s been one link post after another. This week should see more regular posts, but is also likely to be impacted by travel and personal distractions this week – the details of which follow.


As visitors to the actual site may have guessed from the changed header graphic, today is a holiday in the O’Grady household: the Red Sox officially open the 2007 baseball season in Kansas City. Gametime is 2PM MT / 4 PM ET. As a result, I’ll be offline for several hours, time dependent on how we fare.

Tuesday / Wednesday

In the office tomorrow morning, then headed to Raleigh-Durham tomorrow around 3 in the afternoon. RDU being one of the only airports I can’t reach directly from Denver, I’ll be connecting (theoretically) in Dulles ultimately arriving just before 11 on Tuesday. Wednesday, I’m booked on a half day consult in the morning, and will be headed back to Denver around 5, returning via Charlotte. After last week’s parking debacle, in which I forgot where I was parked and had to trudge up and down the icy and snow covered lanes of the economy lot for a half hour before finding my car via the keyfob’s panic button, I will be noting where I park. Unless I forget.


Thursday, I’ll again be back in the office and reachable during regular working hours. Late Thursday night, I’ll be catching a red eye back to Boston, where I’ll be grabbing a car early Friday morning to head back up to Maine. Should be reachable most of the day, with potential downtime for sleep post-red eye. After moving some items around the family compound, I’ll likely head back to Boston for Saturday night and be around Sunday before catching a late flight back to Denver Sunday.

As always, your best bet to reach me while I’m in town or while traveling is my Grand Central number – 617.395.5685. Questions, problems – you know where to find me.

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