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Leaving RedMonk

As Stephen posted earlier this afternoon, I’ll be leaving RedMonk at the end of next week.

Working with RedMonk has been easily the best job I’ve had: the trust and mentoring James and Stephen have given me over the years has been more than I could have imagined, and the actual work has been great. As Stephen gets into in his post, there’s now an open position at RedMonk which should be an equally great opportunity for some yet-to-be RedMonker. I can assure you, whoever you are, that it’s even better than you think it’ll be. I’m actually humbled by Stephen’s kind words: as always, RedMonk can put their graciousness in over-drive and over-deliver to genuine, heart-felt success. So I don’t want to go on with my own words too much. I’m so thankful for the opportunity RedMonk gave me.

I also want to to give all those people I’ve worked with over the years a big thanks. Building the long-term relationships and friendships with people in the industry has been a great benefit of this job. I’ve always valued – and will continue to value – the conversations from early in the morning to late at night that I have with all of you.

Looking forward, I’m really excited about my new job. It fits perfectly with what I want to do next and I can’t think of a better new role. I’ll wait to talk more about the job until I’m officially there, at Dell, but I was lucky to be offered a great opportunity. In recent times, as I wrote in my Dell analyst summit trip report, I’ve been impressed with the company. (And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I also like the fact that I’ll be working for an Austin-native company: being an Austin-native myself, there’s a certain amount of overblown, Texan-pride us folks take in that kind of thing ;> ) From what I’ve been able to tell from my outsider position there’s interesting stuff afoot , and the company and people there have been gracious and affable.

And, to answer those people who’ve asked me: don’t fret, I’ll still be around in “public,” as they say, there’s no worry of that going away. I’m over at and you can always find me in Twitter, you know, @cote (I’ll probably wire-up to something a little less profane than “Drunk And Retired”). Feel free to email me at [email protected] after next week, too.

Finally, let me thank RedMonk and the RedMonk Community again. I really appreciate it, genuinely. I owe a great debt to all of you and, as always, give me a call, IM, email, DM, or singing telegram whenever: I’m always happy to return the kindness.

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  1. Dude, you are coming to work at Dell, that’s great news!

  2. Best of luck Cote,
    I've always enjoyed reading your blog, so don't be a stranger to the interwebs.

    theotherthomasotterJuly 23, 2011 @ 11:25 am
  3. We'll miss you dude – it has been superlative (don't want to say awesome at that word has lost its meaning through overuse!)

    tomrafteryJuly 23, 2011 @ 2:17 pm
  4. All the best, Cote. They are lucky to have you…


  5. A loss to the community – one less voice of reason! But then again, you're not going anywhere, are you! As Thomas, Tom and Israel said 🙂

    joncollinsJuly 25, 2011 @ 6:35 am
  6. I hope you enjoy the new job as much as your time at Redmonk. I hope to still meet you from time to time. Tony Lock

    Tony LockJuly 25, 2011 @ 7:07 am
  7. Good luck, your successor has some difficult shoes to fill. You will be missed!

  8. Thanks, you all, for the well wishes 😉

    CotéJuly 25, 2011 @ 1:13 pm

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