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Zenoss Service Dynamics – Press Pass

Zenoss continued it’s climb up the IT Management stack today with the announcement of Zenoss Service Dynamics with Impact Management for Hybrid Cloud Operations, a mouthful indeed. I emailed with Steve Wexler on the release, here’s his story. Here’s the Press Pass:


Zenoss has grown the breadth of its product an incredible amount in the last few years. They started out as just a basic monitoring platform, monitoring all the typical things in that category. As virtualization and cloud have invaded the data center, they’ve quickly tracked support for those new technologies. They have succeeded in providing a “one console to rule them all” approach, avoiding the usual well polished duct-tape integration approach that comes from building a management suite inorganically. What you’re seeing in their Impact offering is a continuation of that breadth, climbing up the management stack of managing the overall domain of IT rather than just “monitoring.” There are a lot of people hacking away at the hybrid cloud management problem, and Zenoss’ attempt it looking good.

What are the biggest trends driving this market segment?

At the moment, this is a problem many people are working on. The whole idea of “private cloud” promoted by most vendors is predicated on the ability to manage a “hybrid cloud” environment: that is, manage traditional on-premise IT, private cloud, and the public cloud. “Hybrid cloud” technically means something slightly different (just like “private cloud” should mean more than “highly virtualization on-premise,” but usually means just that), but it’s fast coming to mean “everything,” which is fair for most established companies: it’s rare to just have a cloud-way of running IT under your roof as more than likely you have years of pre-cloud IT that needs to be kept up and running. Most of the approaches people have taken have been more piece-mail: either really good cloud management without an eye-towards on-premise (ignoring “private cloud”) IT, or slapping on some public cloud module to an existing on-premise system.

They’ve got a video up going over the announcement as well:

Disclosure: Zenoss is a client.

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