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Automating People Back into IT – Presentation from #Know11

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How can new technologies and practices like cloud, social, dev/ops, activity streams, model-driven automation, JavaScript injection, and rogue developers make IT better in staid organizations? That’s the question I tackled in my Knowledge11 talk, above. I wanted to go over some general and some pointers for how these new technologies can make the role of people more important, valuable, and efficient.

The them of people and IT is one of my favorite. For me, the most important thing new technology can do is make the role of people more important. Usually, people are the ones who figure out how to best make a company money and then make sure the execution takes place. Also, you know, I want to keep The Robots at bay (I for one, however, would welcome our new Robot Overlords, should they arise!).

Disclosure: ServiceNow is a client.

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