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What's in your stack?

As you’ve noticed, I started a new “series” of posts called “What’s in your stack?” I wanted to get a few out there as examples before I opened it up to submissions. I’ve always liked those “what’s in your bag,” “what’s on your desktop,” and similar peeks into people’s preferences like The Setup/ So, I wanted to do the same thing, but for software development “stacks,” which I put in quotes because I mean not only the tools used to develop software, the frameworks in the software themselves, but also the process used to get the software out the door and then repeat the whole cycle over.

As you can see from the questionnaire (you should fill it out and tell me what’s in your stack!), there’s 4, core question: what’s your team do/who are you, what development process do you follow, what tools do you use to write the software, and an open ended question about any tools or techniques that recently worked really well, or didn’t. If you’re interested, check out the overview of how it works in the questionnaire.

The original idea was to ask 4 questions and then a follow-up question and just publish 1 or 2 of those Q&A’s. I’ve done that to a limited extent so far, but the answers all been so interesting that’s its unfair to keep them all to myself.

Thanks to Dan Kim for helping me flesh out the original idea.

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