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Talking about Cloud with Josh Duncan

A few weeks ago I visited with Josh Duncan at Zenoss to sit down and talk about the state of cloud computing now. As I talk about with many people, I tend to see cloud technology are pretty mature at the moment and many people looking to figure out how they apply to their situation – I call them the “we’re not Facebook” crowd, just normal, “mainstream” IT use.

Also, I was in a webinar between Zenoss and Cisco last week where we talked about getting up and running with cloud, mostly private cloud. It was a nice chance for Zenoss and Cisco to talk about what kind of cloud work they’re getting involved in. Check it out if you’re interested in the topic.

Josh broke the video into two parts, what with my annoying penchant to not be concise:

Part One

Part Two

Notes and Outline

Here’s Josh’s summary of what we talked about:

  • Pragmatic Cloud Computing
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA) and the hype cycle – ”Big Gigantic Awesomeness”
  • Self-service and automation
  • Price as a Driver
  • The Cloud as an enabler for rapid feedback
  • Starting from the bottom up
  • Self-service services
  • Cloud-bursting capacity
  • The magic of automation (link to the devops podcast)
  • Cultural alignment of application and operations teams

As a meta-note, Josh used one of the recent Zi6’s, I think. Along with the lighting he had, it came out really well for such a small camera.

Disclosure: Zenoss is a client.

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