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Unconference at Impact

Scala Lift Off

This year’s Impact conference in Las Vegas contains an unconference where all three of us RedMonks will be in attendance, with a keynote address from James and The Rise and Fall and Rise of Java from Stephen. Being an unconference, there’s no doubt that we’ll be doing more (I plan on doing some video interviews with attendees and speakers).

For developers, unconferences are a great place to connect and see what’s going on. As I told the folks organizing this one:

Content, conversations, and connections are what I find people like at unconferences. They want the chance to see people talk about topics that may not be “big enough” for an official track, and they enjoy “talks” being more open to discussions instead of just 10 minutes of Q&A at the end.
Meeting up with people who have similar interest is also rewarding, people often call this “HallwayCon” and the looser format of an unconference tends to enable more than prohibit simply hanging out with people to swap stories and knowledge. Also, an unconference gives attendees the chance to try to speak on any topic they want, in any state of polishedness – as opposed to a more formal conference session where the need to be more “professional” can cause some people who have valuable things to talk about to duck out from the process.

What we’d really like to see are two things:

  • Input from you on what you’re interested in talking about in the development, Java, and WebSphere worlds, even if you can’t attend.
  • For you to come by and participate!

We’ve been told that there’s a great amount of interest, so it seems like there’ll be plenty of folks there. Judging by the unconferences we’ve pitched in with in over the years, it should be a fun time to talk with developers, architects, and IBMers.

Disclosure: IBM is a client.

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