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Innovations in Requirements Management for Better Feedback and Better Software

Making sure your software does what users want is one of the most difficult tasks in software development. Managing those “requirements” usually comes under the rubric of “requirements management.” Thanks to Agile development and now new, cloud-based delivery there’s all sorts of interesting ways to improve the process of making sure users get what they want. To me, it alls comes down to getting fast feedback by using what I like to call “frequent functionality”: pushing small, new features out there to see how users like it.

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As you may recall, I did short talk on this topic last month. The slides are above and you can see the replay as well, including two other talks from vendors on the topic. In my part of this ADT Supercast on requirements management, I quickly outline some of the new ways and tools to help with requirements management and also get into some new and better ways to do software development and delivery in general.

Disclosure: some companies mentioned in the presentation are RedMonk clients.

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