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Building a Hybrid Cloud

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What’s the deal with “hybrid clouds”? To use the NIST definition, It’s just mixing at least two different types of clouds together (public and private, two different public clouds, or a “community cloud”). For the most part, people tend to mean mixing public and private – keeping some of your stuff on-premise, and then using public cloud resources as needed. It’s early days in any type of cloud, esp. something like hybrid. Nonetheless, I got together with RightScale and recently to go over some practical advice and demos of building and managing hybrid clouds, all in webinar form.

The recording is available now for replay. I start out with a very quick definition and then some advice and planning based on what RedMonk has been seeing here. The RightScale and demos are nicely in-depth, and the Q&A that follows was primarily very specific, technical questions. Viewing the recording is free (once you fill out the registration form, of course). You can also check out my slides over in Slideshare (or above).

A question for you, dear readers: have you been doing and “hybrid cloud” work? What’s worked well, and what hasn’t worked so well?

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