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Hybrid Cloud – Upcoming Webinar

Interested in sorting out hybrid clouds? Next week I’ll be part of a webinar put on by and Rightscale going over the concept, along with demos and commentary from them on clouds that span public and private.

I’ll be laying out what exactly we mean by hybrid cloud and going through some of the pragmatic thinking and planning you’ll want to go through if you’re considering such a setup. I’m always interested in what people are actually doing with a new technology like cloud and, more importantly, how they can avoid cementing themselves into yet another technology.

Here’s the official agenda:

For hybrid clouds to be useful, IT pros need to be able to easily manage and automate their capacity across multiple resource pools, private and public. In order to achieve this, companies are turning to and Rightscale to automate infrastructure orchestration and application management in the cloud.

Join this webinar for a live discussion and demo on setting up a hybrid cloud. The discussion will be moderated by Redmonk Analyst, Michael Coté with a focus on the fundamentals of hybrid cloud architectures, ideal use cases and real world examples.

We will demonstrate a live deployment of a hybrid cloud using Rightscale and technologies. We’ll discuss the fundamentals of private cloud architectures, illustrate how RightScale’s ServerTemplate methodology is critical to a successful hybrid cloud, and end with a live Q&A from the audience.

Attending is free (register here), of course: it’s Tuesday, February 15, 2011 @ 11am PST / 2pm ET.

Disclosure: is a client and I’m participating in the above as part of their RedMonk subscription.

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