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Dell led 2010 SMB PC share according to new Spiceworks research

Spiceworks posted an analysis of PC (laptops and desktops) market share drawn from it’s its 1.3M user-base today. This kind of Big Data based analytics is a rosey looking future for IT folks looking to get real, “numbers” analysis on what’s going on out there. Previous to this, the company has been putting out more formal (PDFs!), interesting research in it’s “Voice of IT” section: the quarterly “State of SMB IT” has had interesting figures on SaaS and cloud spend, as well as IT spend in general.

The Findings

In their data-set (machines “in the Spiceworks network”), Spiceworks found that, world-wide, Dell lead laptop and desktop market-share world-wide with 42.1%, followed by “other” at 32.1%, HP at 21.7%, and Lenovo by 4.1%. In the US, Dell dominates even more with 54.3% share.

There’s some estimates on how much revenue these numbers bring in, with a note that just a 0.1% growth rate probably means $100M extra a year for HP and Lenovo.

Check out these visualizations:

Dell 42.1%, Other 32.1%, HP 21.7%, Lenovo 4.1%

Dell 54.3%, Other 23.9%, HP 18.4%, Lenovo 3.4%

For comparison, check out Ars Technoca’s summary of Gartner and IDC market-share numbers for US and worldwide PC sales (their US figures don’t have Lenovo, but do have Apple). It’s a bit different, I assume throwing in “enterprise” with SMB, along with “consumer.” Here’s quick-and-dirty comparison of the 3Q 10 world-wide share and Spiceworks 2010 share (see the raw data if you really care):

Ars 3Q 10 vs. Spiceworks 2010


Spiceworks has grown that impressive community of 1.3 million “IT pros” using their eponymous, free IT management platform. The target is primarily small and medium shops, though depending on what you think of “enterprise” the platforms seems to support larger networks. They can offer the platform for free because the company takes privacy scrubbed data about each users networks and aggregates it together to sell these hard-to-reach “eyeballs” to vendors and others. More than ads, there’s interesting “sponsored” features/plugins, like being able to monitor email inboxes in Rackspace or take advantage of Intel vPro functionality.

I’m not sure exactly what data Spiceworks gets, but it’s a nice swatch of hardware and software assets. They’ve been very cautious to respect the privacy concerns of users, of course, but with a combination of looking over that aggregate data and also doing polls of their user-base, they’ve been able to put out some useful data.

Disclosure: Spiceworks is a client, as is Dell.

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