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NitroSphere – Brief Note

Brief notes are summaries of briefings and conversations I’ve had, with only light “analysis.”

Nitrosphere promises to increase the WAN performance of SQL Server databases with technology that fixes inefficiencies in the communications stack (the NitroAccelerator product). These same, or similar, enhancements are also used to do better compression and backups of SQL Server databases (the NiroCompressor product). There’s also the potential for performance enhancements like this to degrade performance so, as Mark Wright said, during the briefing, they check in on performance to avoid being more of a problem than a help. The scenarios here are having distributed SQL Server databases, over different, perhaps far-flung locations, or just having remote workers who need to access a SQL Server database over the network: perhaps insurance agents working from home, Fred Johannessen said. Pricing starts at $2,499 per server with some clients free.

Clearly, there’s good prospects in Azure and other cloud-based SQL Server applications that are look for quick and easy performance boosts. Early cloud developers often complain about network latency, even within nodes “in” the same cloud. Having a quick way to speed things up is always nice. As James mentioned during the call, the vast world of SharePoint has to be some sort of alluring hills as well.

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