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Real cloud aren't fluffy – upcoming webinar

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Want to hear more practical talk about using cloud computing? I’ll be part of a free (of course) webinar next week discussing such stuff, along with RedMonk client If you dial into the live webinar they’re giving away a ride on a jet fighter.

The Agenda

Here’s the description from them:

“The Cloud” offers enormous opportunity for modern business, and every IT vendor is talking about it. But what does it really mean? What is the public cloud? Is “private cloud” even a real thing? How could you use cloud services in your business today? Go behind the hype with Michael Coté from Redmonk and experts from for a real-world, down to earth discussion. Michael will provide an analyst perspective on cloud services and opportunities, and will show a live demonstration of how you can make the most of this technology today.

We’re set for a discussion, question & answer format so you won’t have to put up with dreary slides from me.

When and registering

There’s two broadcasts (and a recording afterwards, of course): Wednesday December 15th from 9:00 AM PST and then Thursday December 16th from 9:00AM GMT.

If you’re interested, go on over there and register for it – tell me what you thought of it afterwards, and good luck with that jet ride and all ;>

Disclosure: is a client and is paying for my participation in this webinar.

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