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ALM in the cloud – Code2Cloud Overview with Tasktop's Mik Kersten and Neelan Choksi

Tasktop and VMWare pre-announced an exciting service at SpringOne a short while ago, Code2Cloud: they’ve bundled up several parts of the software development tool-chain and hosted them in the cloud, as a service. Coupled with tight-integration in the IDE (via Mylyn and Tasktop), they have a nice looking package in the works (it won’t be available until 2011).

In this quick video, I ask Tasktop’s Mik Kersten and Neelan Choksi to give us a quick overview. Also, since they see the tools choices of many mainstream shops, I ask them what kind of git adoption they’re seeing.

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Disclosure: while both Tasktop and VMWare are clients, this video is not sponsored.

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