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dev/ops and cloud at Devoxx 2010

Last week I was at Devoxx giving two talks on cloud computing and dev/ops. For the first one, I co-presented with my old buddy John Willis (co-host of the IT Management & Cloud Podcast) while the second one was just me talking on Agile and Cloud Computing.

It was a great show: I met and talked with all sorts of interesting folks. One of the better developer conferences I’ve been to in a long time.

Here are the presentations for the two talks:

Pragmatic Cloud Computing, or, Dealing with Morlocks, or, Agile Infrastructure

What’s the point of dev/ops?

As I recall the talks were recorded, so they should be up sometime. (Also, my wife, son, and I took a little vacation around the dates of the conference, there’s some photos up if you’re interested.)

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