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iPhone 3gs vs. Droid 2 Camera in a dodgy hotel room

Above you can see a slide show comparing the cameras on the Droid 2 vs. the iPhone 3gs, using the “native” camera and then with a few camera apps (FxCamera and Hipstamatic). The Droid 2 has a Flash, but I don’t get the feeling it works very well – lots of red eye and halos of light. I tend to take photos in poorly lit situations (inside), which explains the overall crappy quality of my pictures.

After receiving a Droid 2 (along with all the other attendees) at Adobe MAX last week, I’ve been testing it out here and there, as a substitute for my iPhone 3gs. I don’t have Verizon service activated on it, so that limits my use to wifi and no voice. So far, I like the Droid 2, though it’s much clunkier and not as responsive as the iPhone 3gs. In learning a new computer device (smart phone, in this instance) you realize how much learning you actually have to do: it makes me recall how much I had to force myself to hone my use of the iPhone, hunt down good apps, and learn how to use the touch-keyboard.

I’ll try for a fuller review at some point.

Disclosure: Adobe is a client, paid my way to MAX, and Motorola gave Doird 2 phones to everyone at MAX for “free,” including myself.

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