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The Role of Automation in Cloud Computing – a RedMonk/CA Webinar

I’m always interested in how IT Management changes to take advantage of new technologies, now-a-days, that means sorting out what do with cloud computing. I recorded a short webinar on the topic along with CA Technologies’ Brandon Whichard (the co-host of the Austin Tech Scene podcast, you may recall) – check out the recording here.

In my part of the talk, I quickly outline a working definition of cloud, and then go over possible benefits and how IT management, specifically automation technologies and practices, should change to take full advantage of those benefits. Brandon ends the webinar with a description of how CA Technologies’ automation portfolio fits in. The quick video above gives a 1 minute pitch for the webinar. Here’s the official abstract:

Data Center Automation has become exciting again, especially in the cloud: find out why in this webinar. In recent years innovations like virtualization and cloud computing have created new practices and technologies that optimize how IT delivers business services. Automation in particular is seeing useful, dramatic innovations that draw on these new technologies. Successfully leveraging the cloud requires mastery of both virtualization and automation. Hear directly from industry analyst and domain experts on topics include:

  • What is driving the need for more automation
  • Why automation is important to cloud computing
  • How to leverage both public and private clouds
  • Dynamic Datacenter made possible

If you’re interested, just fill out the registration form and you’ll be given a link to the recording.

There’s also a document version of the presentation I wrote up available if you’d prefer that, though it doesn’t have Brandon’s part of the talk. Brandon also wrote-up this webinar, There’s also a bit of an omnibus automation suite from CA Technologies today if you want to dig in even deeper.

Disclosure: CA Technologies is a client and sponsored this webinar.

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