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Links for October 12th through October 13th

Charles' new Apple LED Cinema Display

A little something extra…

Speaking of gear, my friend Charles got a new LCD Apple Cinema Display yesterday (see above, and this series of photos). It’s a fantastic piece of equipment, and for a $1,000, expensive but not as outrageous as I’d assume an Apple monitor would be.

Aside from the monitor itself, the wiring that comes with it is well thought out: it has a laptop charger built in (so you can plug your laptop in via the monitor) and provides a 4 port USB hub (you plug a USB cord into your computer, the ports on the monitor become a hub). I mean, come on, that’s just really smart.

Being a whacky-programmer, Charles says it’s good for pair programming, which is actually an excellent point. And, you know, it’s just beautiful to look at.

Next time I have a spare $1,000 banging around <rolls eyes>, I need to get one. I imagine video editing on it is awesome, and reading Twitter stupendous ;>

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