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AT&T MicroCell

A little something extra…

After getting AT&T U-verse last week, I figured I’d finally be eligible for a MicroCell. I picked one up yesterday, and it seems OK so far. After a few more days – maybe a week – of usage, I’ll write a review, also for U-verse which is great so far.

Back to the MicroCell, I just made my first call this morning, to Charles. It worked splendid from my living room where calls usually (a.) flat out don’t work, (b.) get dropped after a few minutes, (c.) the “I am now!” where my phone call gets broken up. Sending txt messages is super fast too, compared to my previous speed: not working at all.

As I Tweetered yesterday, it proves the iPhone QoS rule: the solution to any iPhone problem is to spend more money.

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  1. I like my Microcell, but I've found it can sometimes be a bit latent, so you have to go into "walkie-talkie" mode and wait for the other person to finish.

    I'm still amazed at how much better the voice quality is with Facetime versus the AT&T network. Go codecs.

Continuing the Discussion

  1. […] Speaking of gear, my friend Charles got a new LCD Apple Cinema Display yesterday (see above, and this series of photos). It’s a fantastic piece of equipment, and for a $1,000, expensive but not as outrageous as I’d assume an Apple monitor would be. […]