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What's up with "cloud"?

Tonight I’m giving the opening presentation for the newly formed Austin Cloud User’s Group. The idea is to provide a base-line for “cloud computing.” With me, that usually means answering the questions “why bother?” and “what can I do with it?”

The EventBrite ticketing is closed, but here’s the details of the meeting tonight nonetheless. Also, while there’s no site for the ACUG, there’s a Google Group to keep up with the ACUG. Also, they use the hashtag #ACUG.

The presentation is embedded above, or see the listing at Slideshare for download options and such.

Disclosure: several companies mentioned int he presentation are RedMonk clients. See the RedMonk client list.

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4 Responses

  1. Very nice. Is there no audio?

  2. I have a recording I’ll be putting up shortly, hopefully tomorrow.

  3. I really enjoyed this presentation, especially the "not cloud but related memes" of devops, automated provisioning, and app telemetry. It's kind of a synergistic gumbo of things that are on the face of them not necessarily related… But in reality, you end up bumping against all of them at the same time.

Continuing the Discussion

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