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Numbers, 52

While we “don’t do numbers” at RedMonk, I come across many interesting numbers each week. Here are some:

Open Source Even More Popular

There’s been a lot of “enterprises are going to be using more open source” news of late.

One from Accenture:

That’s according to a new study from global consultancy Accenture, which based its findings on interviews with 300 executives at organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland with annual revenues above US$500 million.

More than two-thirds of the organizations surveyed anticipate increased investment in open source software in 2010, with more than a third expecting to migrate mission-critical software to open source in the next 12 months.

And from Zenoss:

Based on more than 950 completed surveys gathered at the USENIX Large Installation System Administration conference each year from 2006 and 2009 and within the Zenoss open source systems management community from 2007 through 2009, the survey’s purpose was to determine usage patterns for systems management software and particularly the usage of open source software to solve IT management needs of large organizations.

  • 98% of the survey respondents indicated usage of open source in their enterprises.
  • 71% of 2009 respondents indicated that open source software was easier to deploy up from 48% in 2008, 38% in 2007 and 26% in 2006.
  • 76% of system administrators in large enterprises indicate they prefer to use open source whenever possible.
  • 40% of respondents planned to adhere to ITIL best practices in 2010, up from 33% in 2008 and 32% in 2007.

Android Worldwide Smart Phone Sales

pocket calculatorm iPhone style

As worldwide smartphone sales grew by 50 percent during the second quarter, Google’s Android was the big winner, as it became the third largest operating system and sales passed 10 million units for the first time, according Gartner.

The Android camp managed to sell 10.6 million smartphones during the second quarter, up from about 755,900 a year ago and 5.2 million during the first three months of 2010.

Docs as Lead Generation

Documentation, once siloed in the realm of how-to guides, is actually feeding top-of-the-funnel activity. In fact, some companies that I have spoken to are reporting that their documentation is bringing in over 50% of their qualified leads. I can report that my company receives 70% plus of our site traffic from organic sources, and our documentation generates more than half of our overall site traffic. Furthermore, over half of our lead generation is driven by our documentation.

People be usin’ the cloud

RightScale, Inc., the leader in cloud computing management, today announced that its customers’ use of cloud computing increased by over 1,000 percent in one year, from June, 2009 to June, 2010.

See a some more nuance in their blog post on the topic.


Organized criminals were responsible for 85 percent of all stolen data last year and of the unauthorized access incidents, 38 percent of the data breaches took advantage of stolen login credentials, according to the 2010 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report to be released on Wednesday.

While external agents were behind 70 percent of the breaches, nearly 50 percent were caused by insiders and only 11 percent were attributed to business partners, concluded the report, which focused on data breaches that took place in 2009.

I wonder if it’s possible to be a “disorganized criminal” and do Internet crime?

Competing with Apple

Losses from mobile phones totaled 120 billion won ($101 million) in the second quarter, compared with profit of 620 billion won a year earlier, Seoul-based LG said in a statement today. … The stock fell the most in seven weeks as the results illustrated how Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy S outsold LG in the fastest-growing segment of the mobile-phone industry. The company, which joined Nokia Oyj in reporting earnings that missed estimates, today said the division may recover in the fourth quarter as it aims to introduce about 20 smartphone models this year.

Git it on

GitHub, the source code hosting and collaboration service, has hit a major milestone tonight: the site is now hosting one million projects, confirmed Scott Chacon, VP of Research and Development at GitHub. Approximately 60 percent of these projects are full repositories – that is, shared folders with code spread across multiple files – while the remaining 40 percent are “gists”, or short code snippets contained in a single file.

IT Jobs Up

The index shows an increase of 3,600 IT jobs in June, following an increase of 9,200 in May. Further, the number of IT jobs in June was 0.7 percent higher than the same period last year, demonstrating a year over year increase in job creation.

Disclosure: Zenoss is a client, as is MindTouch.

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  1. […] RedMonk (thanks Cote!) writes about documentation as a source of sales leads.  There is a link back to the original Forbes […]

  2. […] RedMonk (thanks Cote!) writes about documentation as a source of sales leads.  There is a link back to the original Forbes […]