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JavaScript everywhere – make all #7


This week, I catch up with friend of RedMonk Bill Higgins and discuss the state of web application development, mostly JavaScript, HTML 5, and REST(ful) protocoling.

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Shows Notes

  • Sidebar: What do “business analysts” do now-a-days?
  • What’s up with “HTML 5”? Watching the spec, using dojo.
  • What’s up with JavaScript as a “real language” now-a-days? Bill’s experience using JavaScript in RTC over the years.
  • JavaScript everywhere – JavaScript on the server side, as Charles says, “JavaScript is the lingua franca of the cloud.”
  • Using REST(ful) vs. RPC style protocols, a topic Bill has written about over the years (the 2006 piece he references and more recently, on REST in Jazz). For front-end communications, but also for communications between components on the back-end.

Disclosure: IBM is a RedMonk client.

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