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Numbers, Volume 51

Flash Mobile Dreams

  • Flash 10.1 is expected to really start taking off on tablets in the second half a year when it is preinstalled.
  • Adobe is hoping Flash 10.1 will be on 9 to 10 percent of smartphones this year.
  • By 2011, Flash 10.1 should be on a third of smartphones.
  • By 2012, Adobe plans to have Flash 10.1 on more than half of all smartphones shipped assuming no major market share changes.

Clear coverage

Clearwire LLC [aka “Clear”] says it now covers 51 million people in 44 cities in the US [though they only report 971,000 customers], following the launch of its mobile WiMax service in seven new cities today.

The Clear service offers average data downloads of 3 to 6 Mbit/s, with peaks of 10 Mbit/s, over its mobile WiMax network.

I’ve been using Clear for awhile now. I’m waiting until I visit some more 3G only cities before writing a review (so far, the 3G coverage doesn’t work). In the meantime, I post speed checks from time-to-time.

I predict this prediction will change

IT analyst company Gartner says that the dollar value of global IT spending in 2010 will be less than it previously thought, due to the devaluation of the euro and Europe’s sovereign debt crisis.
It had predicted that worldwide IT spend would reach $3.4 trillion in 2010 – a 5.3% increase from 2009. But it has now cut this figure by 3.9% to $3.35 trillion, which represents a 4.7% yearly increase.

Why pay just once for cloud when you can pay twice?

Meanwhile, Talisker comes as research points to the biggest opportunity for cloud being behind the firewall with customers running their own services rather than relying on service provides. IDC found 55 per cent of CIOs prefer private to public, with private clouds accounting for $11.8bn in server revenue by 2014 compared to $718m for private. a year later

Here are some of our vital signs, one year in:

  • 3.5 million bookmarks
  • 11.2 million tags
  • 2.5 million urls
  • 187 GB of archived content
  • 99.91% uptime (6 hours offline)

I’ve used for awhile now and I love it.]

Don’t forget about Microformats, they’re successful!

Originally brainstormed in September 2004, and rapidly adopted by numerous tools, sites, large and small, the number of pages published with one or more hCards recently crossed the 2 billion mark a few days ago according to Yahoo Search Monkey, making it the most popular format for people or organizations on the web.

Your new SSO Overlords

Facebook now leads by nearly three to one with 46% of all social network logins. The closest competitor across all sites is Google with 17%. Twitter follows behind Google with 14%, barely leading Yahoo’s 13%.

The numbers switch around when we start breaking them down into different categories. Facebook becomes even more dominant, increasing to 52% when we look at entertainment websites, with Twitter and Myspace jumping into second and third place. For B2B websites, the distribution is a bit more even overall, with Facebook taking 37% of the pie and Google, Yahoo and Twitter all coming in with around 18%.

Disclosure: Microsft and Adobe are clients.

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