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Bryan Menell, all about the Dachis Group, at the Draught House – Austin Tech Scene #7


Brandon and I are joined by Bryan Menell for Austin tech happenings and a few beers.

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As we were out and about, I didn’t keep extensive show notes. For the most part, we talk about Austin things Bryan has been involved in such as Capital Factory, Austin Startup, and The Dachis Group

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  1. […] Dachis Group – these guys are a little too well funded to be a “startup,” but what’s interesting about them is the business model for cashing in on Enterprise 2.0. Following the much maligned new approach at Austin Ventures (to roll-up a bunch of companies private equity style), they’re trying to build up the service and product expertise in the Enterprise 2.0 world (a fancy phrase for collaboration and external facing “engagement” with customers, users, and folks external to your organization) to, in my opinion, either get bought by someone (“Crap! we missed the boat on this Enterprise 2.0 stuff! Get out the check book!”) or…well, unless some miracle happens in the IPO market, yeah, get bought by someone. We discuss Dachis with the Group’s Bryan Menell in episode 7 of the Austin Tech Scene. […]